Sunday, March 15, 2015

The QFO gets lit, and space becomes an issue.

 Today was an excellent day to go flying a quadcopter.  The weather broke, the skys were clear.  And I had a beautiful park to fly in.  ....  But you see the following component?  This stopped me from flying.
You can't fly if your batteries won't connect to your quadcopter.  Roadblock me during the day, I'm going to make it up at night.

I know what it looks like.  I swear, the problem is resin, not coke.  And really, I'm a pepsi guy.
The LED boards I built, were all a little to tall to fit in the arms.  Most LEDs have a lot of plastic over the die, so I did a bit of sanding.  Did you know ice was clear?  Snow is just ice...  Snow is white becuause of random refraction.  When you sand clear LEDs, you get white powder.  

Now.. I need an envelope...    Moving on...
After finding two of my SMPS just couldn't adjust, I found one that worked.  I got that wired up, and tested.  
I got a new toy in the mail, and I wanted to hook that up too.  The display says "Number 2" and it's about to say the voltage of cell 2.

The suspense has gone on long enough, here's the result.

It looks wonderfully otherworldly.
 And now for the bad news.  Once I had my lighting boards installed, I couldn't fit a 1500mah pack into the airframe anymore.  I won't give up mAh, so it's back to the drawing board on the lighting.  I think I can trim off 3/8" on all of them, and that might make the difference.


  1. thinking on building one of this what are your comments and recommendation... reaction to wind, flight time?

  2. Well, there's a lot more to this story. The lighting rig I built just didn't cut the mustard. I bought some of the skylight lights to replace the led harness I built.

    I also picked up some OSD boards so I can really fly this thing with confidence.

    It'll still be a month or two before I get the thing flight worthy. I'll definitely post when it's ready and flying.