Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Can a decent surface grinder be made at home? We're gonna find out.

<NegativeK> I wanna make some decent parallels. =|
<`Nerobro_> NegativeK, I wonder if a homemade grinder would do it..
<NegativeK> Keeping a tenth on a surface grinder is supposed to be not easy; I can't imagine it'd be easier on a homemade grinder. =p
<`Nerobro_> I bet we could...
<NegativeK> We have a hand scraper.
<NegativeK> Someone could three-plate lap a large enough surface plate, make a straight edge, and make some ways.
<NegativeK> s/lap/scrape/
* `Nerobro_ nods.
<`Nerobro_> NegativeK, talking to you always ends up finding some way of absorbing 20-60 Nero-hours
<NegativeK> I bet you a dollar you can't make a 6x12 surface grinder that can hold a tenth within the next six months. ;D
<t_j> NegativeK: what are the restrictions on 'make'?
<NegativeK> I'll even give you a pass on the magnetic chuck.
<NegativeK> t_j: No parts designed for a surface grinder except the abrasive wheel.
<t_j> fuck its 2pm already
<NegativeK> Also you have to stick to the spirit of that rule, not the letter, Hacker McHacky Pants.

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