Sunday, March 29, 2015

Playing with FPV stuff.

The other day I was cruising reddit, and I found this guy had designed, and printed a backplate that would let him combine the RC-305 reciever, and the display in the Quanam FPV goggle.

So... I did some digging around, and found a guy who'd do a good job printing it out for me.  

And after some serious surgery, the backplate is installed on the monitor, and it works!  Now there's just one wire to hook up my goggles.  

I ordered a new camera to play with.  I kinda expected it would be the size of the one I showed off on the Maltese.  Turns out.. it's less than 1/8th the volume of that camera.  That's a dime sitting next to it.  


Oh, I glued the whole shebang together.  That's now an install-able unit.  I should really hunt down some dip switches so I can vary channels.  

Oh yeah, I was also quite suprised by how small the 808 cameras are.  That will eventually live hanging under the QFO, with a couple servos to keep it steady.

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