Thursday, October 8, 2015

Building a QAV250: Episode 1.5?

At some point, I'm going to start planning pictures here.

The QAV250 is finally getting built.  I want this to be a .. serious... quad.  So it got a set of 2204's, and it's getting a UBEC so I can fly with as much as 6s.  

Of course there's interruptions...  I had to run an errand before getting things really assembled.  Walgreens seems ok with me walking my bike through the shop.

So here's where I ended up tonight.  Power wires and signal wires tucked between the lower decks.

I can't wait to get a reciever in it.

QAV250's look very menacing from the front.

Here's the bit i'm most proud of.  The UBEC/PDB under the Flip32

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