Friday, July 10, 2015

Two new miltirotors. A Tarot and a Hex.

Oh, the evils of clearance sales at hobby websites.  Hobbyking had one of their frames listed for $0.99.  Even after shipping, the frames were about $2.50 each.  ... So I bought six.  Just to have around.  

Having that frame sitting, doing nothing, made me a little twitchy.  A little digging later, and I found some cheap motors and ESCs.  Please excuse the blur...  Oh, and while we're at it, as you see here, it's 309 grams.  

I went with flycolor 10amp ESCs.  those motors shouldn't ever draw more than 4-5 amps.  

And with the landing gear on it.  The legs aren't long enough for the batteries I intend to fly.. so this thing will just land on the 2200mah packs.  

Just a bit of a closeup of the bottom of the motor mount.  

Now.. I do need a flight controller, so this thing won't fly for a while, yet.  I think it'll be a camera platform, so I'll be digging up a GPS and probally a fancy FCS for it.  

And then there's the Tarot 250.  It's my only carbon airframe.  I started assembling it tonight.  Sadly, I discovered that they label the motors differently than cleanflight expects.  So I need to re-do all of my soldering on the signal lines for the PDB.  

Once I get the motors spinning the right way, I'll wire directly from the motor to the ESC.  The PDB means there's very little need for point to poitn wiring.  

It does look mean from the front.  I'm going to have the naze32, and reciver on the top deck here.  I need to order a camera and I think I'm going to build up a micro transmitter for it, as this thing is asking for lightweight components everywhere.  As seen, it's about 265grams.  

The Hex was built on the cheap, to match it's frame cost.  Those ESCs are about $7, and so are these motors.  They're a little strange, being mostly made of plastic.  They have metal inserts in the back plate for bolting to the airframe.  There's a metal shaft up the middle, but the prop threads, are plastic! 

I have high hopes for these motors.  They're extremely well packed.  Come with a lot of hardware (four different mounting length screws!)  The bit that impresses me the most, is the datasheet that comes with it.  It lists the expected voltages, the expected performance with known brand props and battery voltages.  I did buy an extra pair of motors.. just in case...  

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