Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Going flying, for real.

So, I'm breaking down. For years I've dreamed of flying. And I am going to make it reality.

Back in high school a friend and I were going to build a set of hummelbirds.

Hummel Aviation

The problem then, was the Light Sport Aircraft license wasn't around, so there were a few hurdles to overcome. Well, as usual, plans are plans, and they sometimes pop and go away.

After doing some research, I happened upon the Affordaplane. The design seemed sane, and seemed like it would be easily under part 103 ultralight weight. I ordered the plans, joined the mailing lists, and started doing lots of math.

Cutting to the chase, I found the mailing lists to be caustic. The plane (even the prototype) builds up overweight. And.. well.. to make it work, it's going to take a lot of work. So, due to the condition of the community, I decided I needed to step up and collect information. I started a new blog. The Affordaplane Resource

I am building an ultralight. It will likely have it's base in the affordaplane. But it isn't going to closely follow the plan.

The next step is to take some flying lessons.

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