Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shoes. Specially the cheap french kind. Feiyue Sneakers

The puns that could come of this are infinite.  So lets try to get this blog going on the right foot.

I own a lot of shoes.  My shoe pile rivals that of many fashion conscious women.  My excuse is that they all have real purposes. 

There's something like 12 pair of shoes there.   There's definitely some redundancy there. 

I suppose I'll post about all of them at some point... and we'll see if you think any of them need to be trashed.  More to the point, I got a new pair of shoes..  I feel like gushing about them a little bit.

For day to day wear, I like as little shoe as I can get.  I can't stand being barefoot, but I like to feel what i'm stepping on.   That combination means I usually like the cheapest shoes I can find.  The sort of shoes with flimsy soles, and sticky rubber on the bottom. 


They don't look like much; because they really aren't.  They're cheap.  There's no padding. 
They're just plain canvas tops. What makes them special is the insole, and sole.  The soles are very, very sticky. 

When I first got them, they smelled strongly of curing rubber.  I suspect this is the norm for these, and it would explain why the rubber was bordering on tacky.  I've been wearing them for a week now, and the smell has disapated, and now they're just sticky.

I feel like I could walk up walls wearing these things.

My cheap shoe habit also means I go through shoes pretty quickly.  This pair was about $20.  (I can't be entirely sure, someone else bought them for me, yey presents!)  So far, I'd buy another pair.

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