Friday, June 23, 2017

Just some pictures of my rc cars.

This is my TC4 wearing an non approved Barracuda body.

M workbench is rarely organized at the track.  But most of the cars are there.  The DT-02 is under the TT-02b body on the top left, the TT-02b is on top of the rail...

The TC4 wearing my practice body.  

The TT-02b just before it's first run.

Another shot of the TT-02b

My M05 ready for some street action.

The body on the M-05 is really very beat.

This is my DT-02.  It's a fun basher buggy.

The insides of my DT-02.

An Audi Quattro body on the M05.  Metallic silver doesn't play nice with the light dry coats method... so it's not pretty.

This is the special grease that Team Associated sells as green slime.  

The M05, before I screwed it up by driving it.

The ultra mini CVA shocks for my M05

I have a spare body, that will get painted like this.

First night at the track.

The TC4's initial build.  

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