Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sticky stuff. The glue on my desk.

Last night, I looked at my desk, and it struck me, I have a ~lot~ of glue on my desk.  From left to right:

  • Standard white glue:  I have this for hardening tissue on models.  But it's got it's other uses.  It takes time to tack up, but it's quite useful for building balsa models.  I wonder how it gets along with carbon and kevlar.  
  • Glue Stick:  This is for tissue covered models.  
  • EvoTite: This is foam save medium CA.  Most of my fixed wing stuff, is parkzone foam.  sometimes.. they need to be repaired.  .. often.. they need to be repaired.  
  • Thin CA: I do most of my gluing with this.  I like how fast it lights off.  I like it's wicking ability.  
  • Thick CA: For those joints I might need extra strength in, or might need to re-position once or twice.
  • Thick CA: Same as above, just an extra bottle.
  • Gorilla Glue: Foaming Polyurethane.  This is what you're "supposed" to use on foam planes.  I've used it on those 4' toy gliders, and have been reasonably satisfied, but I won't use it on nice planes.  I really dislike how it foams up, and keeps foaming for hours.  And if you follow Mathias Wendell, you know that it's weaker than normal glues.
  • CA Accelerator: For locking down joints.  I've still never used it...  
  • Testors Wood Cement: I still have no idea how this works.  I'll be trying it sometime.  But it requires a good building board and pins to keep things lined up, for the time being I'm doing most of my building on my computer desk, so I can't dedicate desk space to a pinboard.  
I've got some other adhesives around, but they weren't on my desk.  There's a hot glue gun under my desk, epoxy in the toolbox, along with JB weld.  I've got TiteBond 3 in the garage for the boat project.  

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