Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Touch of Blue

I really like the look of colored Quadcopter frames.  I've done some digging, and I just plain can't find a good resource that says how to do it.  So...  I decided to try coming up with my own methods. 

My first swing was to use nail polish.  The blue I chose was to dark, and dark nail polish on a grey/black frame edge.. well that's no good. 

White paint to the rescue!
And then some blue..

And that doesn't look to shabby.  At least for a first try.  I'm working on a tutorial now.   


  1. You should try Sharpie's oil based pain markers. They work pretty well for this. Here are some photos of my first attempt using them.



  2. I'll need to give that a shot. Less effort is good. Thank you!