Thursday, February 19, 2015

A practical airframe. The QFO could fly.

Finding time to work on hobbies is.. a challenge.  Sometimes, you have a cat sleeping on your work surface.  Everyone, meet Al.  

Building inside a QFO frame is an interesting task.  In order to get all of the power wires going the right way, the speed controls all needed to face the same way.  And to have clearance for the battery, and flight controller, the speed controls needed to be tucked into the sides of the airframe.

To get the motor wires going the right way, I soldered them on backwards.

Trying to take a photograph of the inside of the QFO isn't easy.  Here's where I mounted the speed controls.  

I still dislike PDBs.  So I built another one of the Warpquad style wiring harnesses.

And here's the power harness in place.  Somehow, I didn't get a picture of the cable end I built, that includes a JST lead to power the lighting system.  I still plan on using the balance connector to power the video system on this quad.

With everything on board, excepting an antenna, and a camera, it comes to about 400 grams.  

It's all a really very tight fit.  I need to dig up a receiver with CPPM so I can get rid of most of that wiring harness.  Somewhere, I have a couple of those.  

Someday soon, it will fly.  

Next up, is figuring out the camera situation.  I plan on putting an 808 based camera under the airframe.  And.. so long as I don't try to do any high performance flight, I could use the video feed off of the 808.  I'm also considering cutting a hole in the side of the fuselage to stick a tiny camera through.

I should also finish the lighting rig.

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