Friday, December 12, 2014

The Third Quadcopter post.

I ended up with two complete sets of motors when I ordered the parts for the HobbyKing X-factor quadcopter frame.  Since I already had spent $35 on motors, I figured I might as well build a second quadcopter.  So I ordered the $11 HK Maltese frame, their KK 1.5 controller board, and some $6 speed controllers.  

Much to my disappointment, the motor BCD didn't match the holes in the frame.  I had to drill out the holes a little to get enough clearance to fudge the BCD between the 1704's and the airframe. 

As it sits in the following picture, it's 230 grams.  With battery, it's 349 grams.  And it will lose some weight when I trim all the wires. 

Well that's an interesting number.  632 grams.  That's the weight of the X-factor, with a 200mw transmitter, a metal case sony board camera, a HD camera, and a 1500mah 3s battery on board.

It looks like a mess.  I need to shorten the motor wires and do some more cable management.  

I did do some testing the other night, and my $40 goggles work well with my $40 radio set and $15 camera.  Next step, is to fly it.

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