Friday, August 15, 2014

Bike Geometry Pictures, How I took them.

So, comparing bike geometries is a funny thing.  With sloping top tubes, and other various bike tricks the whole geometry thing is fuzzy. 

While helping some people sort out bike frame choices on a forum I frequent, I took shots of most of the bikes in my garage, to compare geometry.  Now, this has it's problems, taking photos that give GOOD ideas of shape is hard.  Cameras take a spherical image, and you get distortion out at the edges.  So to minimize this, I set up a tripod, about 30' away form the bikes, and zoomed in as much as I could.  This made the included angle smaller, so the distortion would be smaller. 

Here are the results.

2007 Dawes LT1000 46cm

2006 Fetish Penna 50cm

2013 Fuji Cross 2.0 48cm

2012 Mercier Nano (small)

2014 Fuji Ace 650 35cm

2011 GT series 3 42cm

The first 4 bikes are mine, and are setup for me.  The last two are bikes for a very short friend of mine.

2013 Louis Garneau X2 Comp  (Courtesy of Kamil)

I'd love to add your bike to this.  To take a picture, get your camera about 3' off the ground.  Table height is good.  Get the camera about 30' back from the bike, and zoom in.  E-mail or attach your images to the comments and I'll add your bike to the list. 

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    My steed, a 2013 Louis Garneau Xinos X2 Comp!