Monday, January 2, 2012

Taking a flying lesson

Saturday I put the first 1.1 hours in my pilots log. It was in a late model Cessna 172 SP.

I had a lot of fun. The CFI was impressed with my ability to maintain altitude and follow course corrections. He said I kept the wings level, and that I was paying attention to the space outside the cabin very well.

The flight was fairly short. The weather wasn't all that cooperative. I got a call around 7am indicating that the flight might be off. I persisted, and the morning haze mostly burned off.

We flew with 6 mile visibility. I found out that it's legal to fly VFR with 2 miles. That's a little disturbing. I did very well until we got into the haze layer while returning to the airfield. I ended up putting the nose down a few degrees instead of maintaining altitude.

I didn't get to land. I am at a complete loss as to steering the plane. I "can" do it, but I weave pretty badly.

I will be going back. :-)

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