Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oooh, Look, new bike.

A 1979 GS425 has entered my garage. it was a good price, and fairly close.

And here's my art shot, with the GS650 in the background.

It's really nice. The bike is complete, and works perfectly. It starts with a half hearted kick at the starter. And it's really, really light.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Drinking the ParkZone Kool-Aid

It's been a bad weekend for my wallet. But a good weekend for hobbico. A buddy of mine picked up a MCX Helicopter last week. He bought it because his syma S-107 bit the dust.

$80 later he's flying his 4 channel heli around the office. Lucky guy.

I hear his review, and decide I should do the same thing. I bought one on sunday. .... I'm an idiot for not buying one sooner. I'll post a full review later.

Monday rolls around, and while riding my bike after lunch, I stop by my local hobbytown. I'm wandering around, and I noticed that the transmitters for the Ultra Micro series planes, and my MCX are the same.

So later that evening, I'm flying my brand spanking new T-28 around the local park. 17mph winds and all. Turns out I can fly a 4ch airplane.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

MotoGP, and XR1200's

I went to the Indianapolis MotoGP event last weekend. In doing so I racked up 1000 miles on the motorcycle, and saw some great racing.

The trip was not entirely uneventful, so I will share those stories in the future. Pictures will follow.

Yes that's a harley. Yes the bars are nearly in the grass. No it's not falling.